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Affordable FR 44 Insurance

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Due to the serious nature of drunk driving, many states have strict sentences in place for those who receive a DUI conviction. In addition to fines and possible jail time, your sentence will likely include a clause about FR-44 insurance. Unless you file for the certificate, you might lose your driver’s license.

At Able Insurance, we can provide FR-44 Insurance to drivers who need it. With help from one of our agents, you can prove to the state that you have adequate insurance coverage so you can drive again.

What Is FR-44 Insurance?

Because alcohol increases the likelihood of accidents, damage, and fatalities, the law dictates that those who receive a DUI have higher liability coverage in place. In Virginia, drivers need at least $40,000 to cover property damage, $50,000 per person and an additional $100,000 per accident.

Although FR-44 insurance doesn’t provide that coverage, it does act as proof that you’ve purchased the additional auto insurance for yourself.

How Long Will FR-44 Remain Valid?

How long you need FR-44 insurance largely depends on your sentence and what the judge decides. Typically, you’ll need an FR-44 certificate for about three years after your DUI or drug-related violation.

When you apply for FR-44 insurance through Able Insurance, your certificate remains valid for as long as your auto insurance stays active. All you have to do is talk to one of our agents, and we’ll guide you through the filing process. From there, you simply pay the application fee and your regular auto insurance premiums to keep current.

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