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What Our Clients Think

We LOVE our clients and always give them stellar service. Here's what they had to say about us:

I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere, I am an Able insurance customer for life!

I've been a customer over 15 years off and on, I switched back over 8 years ago because of the customer service and they will help you GET THE LOWEST RATE.

Love love love able insurance! Great rates! They will definitely go out of their way to make you happy!

Thank you Billy at Able Insurance for saving our family quite a bit of money each month on our insurance premiums!!!

Saved over $200 on my home owners insurance. Billy White is awesome and has taken care of all my insurance needs including all of the vehicles. Highly recommend contacting him to check on rates and start saving money just like me.

I bought a new car and almost wasn't able to get it because insurance was so high. Billy was able to to get me an awesome price and I was able to get my car, thanks guys!

I have, well HAD, insurance with Liberty Mutual. They were going up on my rate AGAIN with no changes in my circumstance since the previous renewal year. I called Billy and in 20 minutes he saved my sanity! I was too excited. So happy he was referred to me and now I see why! Will tell everyone that is looking for insurance about him. Thanks Billy!

Able Insurance offers great rates on Auto, Home and Life Insurance. There service is outstanding.

I called Billy at Able Insurance and he gave me a quote in 10 min and I'm now paying HALF of what I was paying with Geico! I got to his office expecting to be there for 30 min at the least. Billy had all my paperwork together, I paid my premium, signed a few forms, got my insurance cards and was on my way! I was extremely pleased! I hate waiting and I hate to go through a lot of riggamaroll, but I didn't have to do any of that with Billy. Thank you!!

Been with Able Ins for many years now, wouldn't go anywhere else, all of my vehicles have been through here and Billy & Charlene and the staff treat you like family. Lowest rates, best customer service, it's a win-win!!

ABLE INSURANCE AGENCY, Auto Insurance is Our Specialty!

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Even if we don't have an office near you, it's EASY to get the coverage you need online!

Email Us:

Even if we don't have an office near you, it's EASY to get the coverage you need online!

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